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Patrol Contacts


Non-Emergency Reports - 311

Emergency - 911


Park Ranger Dispatch - 916-875-7275

(Requesting a response but not an emergency, stolen bike report, maintenance issue that needs immediate attention)

Folsom State Park Rangers - 916-988-7322

(For non-emergency response similar to Sacramento Park Rangers but for parkway trail EAST of Hazel Ave. - Lake Natoma Loop)

Folsom State Park Rangers Dispatch - 916-358-1300

Folsom State Park - 916-988-0205

NSP Mother Lode Region -

NSP Far West Region -

National Ski Patrol -

Heading 6
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Your Shift Reports (submitted last 12 months)

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Your Incident Reports(submitted last 12 months)

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Schedule Your Shift

Scheduling your shift is done using Google Calendar and is independent of the ARBP web site and Patrollers’ Portal. You will be required to have a gmail account. You should have already received an invitation to the ARBP Google Calendar. If you have not received the invitation, please email Paul Rieger at


Once you have accepted the invitation, you can open Google Calendar by clicking on the calendar link in the Patrollers’ Portal. Clicking on the calendar on the public side or Patrollers’ Portal only allows one to view the calendar. One cannot add or make changes in this view. 


Follow these directions to make add events to the ARBP Google Calendar:


1.    On your computer, open the ARBP Google Calendar by clicking HERE.

2.   Click the empty space of the date square that you want to add an event to.

3.   Add a TITLE and TIME for your event in the pop-up window that opens (see figure 1).

4.   Select "American River Bike Patrol" calendar (see figure 2).

4.   Click SAVE. Calendar will automatically create an event for the time you set.


Remember that the information you enter is on both the public side and Patrollers’ Portal side of the ARBP web site. We recommend not entering phone numbers or private information. We do suggest patrollers enter names, shift hours, starting location (parking lot), and route.

Calendar Screen Capture.JPG
Calendar Screen Capture 2.JPG

Patrol Calendar Events

Next ARBP General Membership Town Hall 2023.2.23, 7pm Zoom

Special Events

Patroller's Handbook

Documents for Patrollers

Patrol Roster

Medical & Bike Repair Pack List
Bike Repair Info
Checkoff Forms
member roster icon.png
Policies and Procedures


Review videos and take the quiz at the end.

Overview video: what does a patroller do; requirements; patrol summary

911 calls (answer 911 questions), EMS responses. ID emergency, know your location,

Emergency repair – get them home. tp their car or to bike shop. Flats (patches, tubes), chains, tools.

Rangers' duties, calling 911, 311 app, Unhoused, ARP trail rules, ARP mapFLSRA

Red with white cross, jerseys,
T-shirs, vests. Bottoms: black, blue, tan. Helmets, cell phone, on duty.

ARBP website (Patroller's Portal), online QUIZ, check-off rides. General topics discussion.

Public pages: newsletter, calendar. ARBP member pages: calendar, reports

OFC/OEC certified. ABCD, blood pack, PPE (gloved, mask, eye-protection). CPR. Cell phone. 

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