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I retired in 2015 from the San Jose Police Department. I grew up in Roseville until 1965 when we moved to SJ. During my 24 year career I was a mt bike patrol officer and instructor. I was an Tactical Medic with the SWAT team. From 2015 to 2020 I was with the west slope El Dorado Search and Rescue Team, but had to leave due to my age. I am not ready to hang things up and had been looking for an outdoor organization that I could be part of. American River Bike Patrol filled the job. I volunteer for the First Responder Group in San Rafael CA. I am a lead Peer Support Speicalist and have been since 2010. I have special training and experience in working with the mentally ill and indivduals in emtional crisis. I look forward to start riding and meeting everyone on the team.

I live three blocks from Beele Point at Folsom Lake. Not sure if the club patrol's that area ?

Christopher Warren

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