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Seeking new members; ride with a bike patroller!

Four opportunities to ride with a Bike Patroller have been announced by the American River Bike Patrol. The get-acquainted rides are part of the patrol’s current membership drive and are open to cyclists 18 and over.

Ride-alongs, led by bike patrollers, will occur on Aug. 5, 12, 19, and Sept. 9, starting at 9 am. with a Q&A about membership, followed by the ride. "If you like helping others and can ride a bike, these get-acquainted rides provide opportunities to hear, see and experience what bike patrollers do," said Recruiting Adviser Tim Viall. 

"We're doing this now, as our final first aid class of the year occurs on Sept. 30 in Sacramento. That will be the last chance to become a bike patroller, this year." said Viall.

The Bike Patrol is an all-volunteer unit that provides safety patrols on over 69 miles of bike trails beside the American River and on the El Dorado Trail. "We help trail users stay safe and provide emergency bike repairs and first aid," said Viall.


The Aug. 5 ride-along will start from El Manto Access park on the American River Parkway in Rancho Cordova.

The Aug. 12 and 19 ride-alongs will start from the Streng Volunteer Center at William Pond Recreation Area in Carmichael.

The Sept. 9 ride-along will start from Black Miner's Bar at Folsom Lake State Recreation Area in Folsom.

To reserve a place at the presentation and 30-minute ride-along, email or call 209-969-3875. Participants must bring a bike to ride.




​The American River Bike Patrol began serving the American River Parkway in Sacramento County in June, 2020. Bike Patrollers, now 50-strong, work as trail ambassadors, providing trail directional advice, equipment assistance, safety insights and bike safety programs, assistance with events, first-aid and CPR services and serve as eyes and ears of the Parkway Rangers and other stakeholders on one of the country’s busiest and most scenic bike ways.

Members of the public are invited to join the National Ski Patrol’s growing bike patrol subset and take the bike patroller training program. Patrollers can set their own patroller shift hours, and are asked to fulfill 48 hours or more of service per year. Current NSP members, whether patrollers, hosts or alumni, are also invited to join and log at least 30 hours of service. We are seeking those interested in both patrol leadership slots as well as bike patrollers.

NSP members current with either OEC or OFC can join as secondary members. Alumni, if their first-aid has lapsed, who would like to rejoin in an active bike patrol role will need to take Outdoor First Care, as will new community candidate members. The new patrol will also offer “visiting patroller” options during weekends, by prior

Join the team and support our work. See you on the lovely American River Parkway trails!


Every year, millions of people descend on the 32-mile Jedediah​​ Smith Memorial Multi-use Trail along the American River Parkway to bike, jog, walk, skate, or go horse-back riding. Because the trail experiences such a high and varied amount of traffic, there is always the possibility that an accident may occur. It is important that all trail users, regardless of skill level, obey the rules of the multi-use trail to ensure that everyone who visits the trail gets home safe. View and print a copy of the multi-use trail rules.


Bike Riders

  • Pass on the left - Be sure that when you are passing someone in your lane on the paved trail, stay on their left side, Move back into the right lane after you have passed them. Call out "passing on your left" so you don't startle the person you are passing.

  • Pull completely off the trail if you need to stop - By pulling off the trail, you are less likely to get hit by multi-use trail traffic and cause an accident.

  • Wear a helmet - It's required for children under 18 years of age and it's a good idea for adults as well.

  • Obey all traffic signs.  Follow any detour signs. Watch for car traffic, particularly where it crosses the multi-use trail.

  • Pay attention when you ride - Don't wear headphones and make sure you keep your eyes on the road to look for potential hazards. Stay in your lane.

  • Ride in single file - Even if you are in a group, riding single-file helps keep the trail clear of congestion and reduces the chances of an accident.

  • The trail MAXIMUM speed limit is 15 mph - The trail is not designed for extreme biking and too much speed can be a hazard to you and those around you. Slow on downhill sections and when entering curves.

  • Stay on the paved trail - Bicycles are not allowed on non-paved trails on the Parkway.

  • The trail is best used by experienced riders - While there is no age limit for bike riders, the multi-use trail is probably not the best place for someone to learn how to ride a bike. Children and adults who visit the trail should know how to ride and must know and follow trail regulations.

  • Riding in the dark - When riding in the dark, bicyclists are required to wear a forward-facing white light that is bright enough to be visible from 300 feet in front and from the sides of the bicycle.



  • Walk on the LEFT side of the trail.

  • Use the left shoulder (dirt or gravel) when it is accessible to you and is walkable. Joggers and walkers should stay on the dirt shoulder off the pavement to minimize the chance of an accident.

  • Stay single file - This reduces the chance of people straying onto the paved trail and potentially being involved in an accident. If you want to walk with a group of people, it is recommended that you either walk along the levee or move away from the bike trail.

  • Keep your dog on a short leash to your LEFT - Dogs are not allowed to be off-leash within the American River Parkway. The maximum length of a leash is six feet.  This includes retractable leads. 


Other Parkway Traffic

  • Equestrians - Horses are only allowed on the horse trails. Be sure to let people know when it is safe to pass your horse when you encounter others. It is recommended that equestrians wear helmets and only use the trails during the day to avoid potential hazards or obstacles that may be hidden from view in the dark.

  • Skaters - Both roller skating and rollerblading are permitted on the trail, and all skaters must obey the same rules as bicyclists. Skateboards are not permitted on the Parkway.

  • No motorized traffic - No motorized traffic is permitted on the trail (class 1 + 2 ebikes are permitted on the trail).


If you have an emergency while on the multi-use trail, you can find an emergency call box to call for help. Be sure to let them know your location on the trail by reading the closest mile marker to you and reporting it to emergency personnel. Contact Park Ranger Dispatch at 916-875-PARK (7275) to request assistance. If you are within the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area EAST of Hazel Ave., you may contact the State Park Rangers at 916-988-7322 to report an emergency.

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Free bike helmets are given to children who need them by the American River Bike Patrol on the First Saturday of each month from 10 a.m. to noon at these locations:

Free bike helmets will not be distributed at First Saturday, this month(September). Keep checking back here for notice of when and where they will next be distributed.

This program is made possible through the generosity of UC Davis Trauma Prevention and Outreach.


This calendar has patrol hours of its members as well as training days and other events. If the calendar events do not show in your browser, click here.



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