Join the Organization

  • Fill out American River Bike Patrol application

  • Obtain National Ski Patrol Membership


Take National a Certification Class

  • Obtain either OFC or OEC certification but not both

    • Outdoor First Care (OFC) - Class (8-hours) is the first-aid requirement to become a Mountain Host candidate at a ski resort

    • Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) - Class (80-hours) is the first-aid requirement to become a Ski Patrol candidate at a ski resort

  • CPR BLS class (CPR for Health Care Professionals)


ARBP Orientation

  • Attend a 3.5 hour bike patrol "trail ready" orientation class and pass the quiz

  • Participate in skills/training assessment check-off ride

  • Participate in a basic on-trail bike repair class 

  • Order approved ARBP uniform items

  • Take a Livescan universal background check


Annual Requirements:

  • National Ski Patrol Membership

  • Obtain and Maintain Outdoor First Care (or OEC) and CPR certifications

  • Attend the required annual refresher course for active Patrollers (held late spring)

  • Attend a Bike Patrol orientation course and a training/skills assessment ride

  • Be knowledgeable and comfortable in basic on-trail bike repair (course provided)

  • Attend half or more of “as needed”/quarterly information/educational member meetings

  • Attend at least one Parkway event representing the patrol per year

  • Log a minimum annual patrol commitment: 48 hours annually; if you are a member of another NSP

  • Patrol registering as a secondary bike patroller, 30 hours annually.


Estimated financial commitments for bike patrol members:

  • Annual Membership in National Ski Patrol, $60 (if you are an NSP member of another patrol, host unit or alumni member, you pay nothing more as a secondary member); annual Far West Division dues, (kindly waived for 2020); Mother Lode Region dues, $60 total.

  • Outdoor First Care course (about 6 hours), $50; and, CPR course, $50.

  • Universal background check (required of Sacramento County, for volunteers), about $30

  • Bike Patrol Jersey: Approximately $35-$79; the patrol can offer you the options. Additionally, purchase of a few misc. first-aid supplies and bike tools.

Apply for Bike Patrol
Current Certifications

By applying below you state you understand and accept the roles and responsibilities of a National bike patroller and member of the NSP. You also agree to keep the required certifications and training current to the best of your ability and to have fun as a member of this pioneering patrol!

Thanks for submitting!