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Review videos and take the quiz at the end.

Overview video: what does a patroller do; requirements; patrol summary

911 calls (answer 911 questions), EMS responses. ID emergency, know your location,

Emergency repair – get them home. tp their car or to bike shop. Flats (patches, tubes), chains, tools.

Rangers' duties, calling 911, 311 app, Unhoused, ARP trail rules, ARP mapFLSRA

Red with white cross, jerseys,
T-shirs, vests. Bottoms: black, blue, tan. Helmets, cell phone, on duty.

ARBP website (Patroller's Portal), online QUIZ, check-off rides. General topics discussion.

Public pages: newsletter, calendar. ARBP member pages: calendar, reports

OFC/OEC certified. ABCD, blood pack, PPE (gloved, mask, eye-protection). CPR. Cell phone. 

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